A growing collection of miniature 3Dprinted
designer-furniture from an 'unexisting'

designer :) the models can be ordered here

The collection 'unexists' since oct 2014 and
proudly featured at Object Rotterdam 2015.

As a designer i enthusiastically draw

new pieces such as; chairs, lights, tables,
however i am not a builder/organiser ...
and thus getting the designs produced
proved nearly impossible in recent years.
Some days that makes me feel ... nonexistant :)

Now through the miracle of 3Dprinting,
the designs can at least live as miniatures!

And you can even buy them :)
A better fate than just remaining stillborn

sketches in an booklet on my desk.

TUC is a welcome new found way
to express and manifest my design-ideas
and hopefully it doubles as a catalyst
for realisation of the pieces at full scale!
Soon you can find some more

images and background info here.

♥ Roel

The Unexisting Collection by Roel Elsinga
( all rights reserved )

overview render >

collage of first photos > . . . soon more

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