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FURY _ Roel Elsinga

‘‘To love beauty

is to see light.’’

Studio Lichtjaar is a design studio based in the Netherlands.

Founder Roel Elsinga loves designing _ both in 2D and 3D.

Projects for clients & uncommissioned work go hand in hand.

This website features a selection of designs in various disciplines.

07 WT office interior by Koudenburg & Elsinga _ photo Leda Bartolucci

Interior design for Wunderman Thompson with Alrik Koudenburg 2021  // photo: Leda Bartolucci

Goodness Gracious _ Roel Elsinga

Goodness Gracious lights // presented in Zona Tortona in 2010

Decorated Plates _ design Roel Elsinga

Plates decorated with the 'Grow' pattern // 2018

portrait Roel Elsinga

Founder Roel Elsinga

Since graduating from the Design Academy Eindhoven in 2001, Roel Elsinga has had the pleasure of working on a multitude of projects & pieces in 2D and 3D.


''Creating is real joy for me. Playing around with form, color, rhythm, concept ... until everything suddenly falls into place. The process of creation is magical.''


When working on interior design projects, Elsinga often teams up with a capable fellow designer, an approach that has led to many fruitful collaborations & projects. Working together can be a great inspiration.

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