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A selection of our interior projects

06 WT office interior by Koudenburg & Elsinga _ photo Leda Bartolucci

Wunderman Thompson @ Amsteldok Campus // design Roel Elsinga & Alrik Koudenburg // photo: Leda Bartolucci

Houten interior by Elsinga & Slingerland _ Photo by Chiela

PasBV office interior, Houten // design & realisation Roel Elsinga & Mirella Slingerland // photo: Chiela

MediaMonks London - Rene van Doorn & Roel Elsinga

Media Monks, London // design Roel Elsinga & Rene van Doorn

Futuristic villa concept

Futuristic house concept // study for a Dutch project developer // design Roel Elsinga & Alrik Koudenburg

JWT Amsterdam - photo Vincent Houtman

JWT Amsterdam // design Roel Elsinga & Alrik Koudenburg // photo: Vincent Houtman

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Space that feels good

A well-designed interior balances a mix of important qualities such as: functional / stylish / representative / contemporary / flexible / optimal use of surface area ... and more.


While making sure that the looks, functionality and flow are excellent, we place the feeling above all else.

After all, we want to feel safe and at peace in our environment, we deserve to feel good. Like a bear dining in his den, a bee sleeping in a flower, or a busy squirrel - master of his treetop penthouse.


A space designed with care and attention can contribute greatly to one's sense of harmony.

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