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A selection of our objects

Hyperbowl for Quodes

Hyperbowl for Quodes // design Roel Elsinga & Mara Skujeniece // each bowl has two usable sides.

Everbloom _ roel elsinga

Everbloom // armchair // 2016

Nacht Wacht _ roel elsinga

Nacht Wacht candleholders // 2020

by-the-window _ roel elsinga

By the Window // sculptural table

A version of this table was realized for the CEO of Housing Anywhere.



Elsinga’s portfolio is characterised by contrasting styles and forms. Some designs might have round shapes and a more romantic / feminine feel - while others are more square / ‘mechanical’ and masculine.

So where does this apparent polarity stem from? Possibly it has its roots in the wide range of fields that inspire the work: from elegant natural forms to angular sci-fi robots ... from romantic art, to the platonic solids and more.

Our world is a symphony of form, a catalogue of shapes. Diverse and beautiful. In a reality where opposites attract and define each other. The light and the dark, the old and the new, the blunt and the gracious.

bloem! _ roel elsinga

Bloem! // dining chair // 2015

Zandvoort chair _ roel elsinga NEW.jpg

Zandvoort chair // 2019
Possibly the first chair design ever published with this type of undercarriage.

Within 2 years lookalikes appeared on the market ... this is the original design :)

Titan! _ roel elsinga

Titan! // wingback chair // 2013
A fully upholstered version of this design was exhibited at Ventura Kortrijk.

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