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A selection of our graphic designs

ADCN Yearbook 2015 - Cover by Roel Elsinga

ADCN Yearbook // one of twelve artcovers made by twelve different artists

Three Butterflies - Roel Elsinga

Three Butterflies // part of a series of designs exploring 'tessellations'

Loser book

Coffee table book which celebrates the art of failure

Hulk! dining & Hulk! club _ SPACETIME FABRIC

'Spacetime' a three dimensional pattern applied to the 'Hulk! chair'
It's not just folded around an object - it is computed as a 3D decoration.

Logo De Wilgenman

Logo for an expert in building playgrounds & parks with willow branches as key ingredient
(collaboration with Venneker Design)

Darter - Roel Elsinga

Decorative illustration // geometric study of a dragonfly in flight


A basis to build upon

Designing in two dimensions has always been a pillar of Elsinga's work. Graphic design can be seen as a natural extension of learning how to draw as a very young child.

Putting mental images on a sheet of paper and working out a composition is almost a meditative exercise. Patience and focus - every detail matters - the love for lines, proportion and rhythm.

Roel created various books, visuals, logo's, posters, brochures and more over the years and is still exploring designing decorative patterns. In current years the focus lies mainly on doing 3D design

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